Christian Dior: Couturier du Reve

The Christian Dior: Couturier du Reve exhibition at the Louvre in Paris... There aren't many words except, breathtaking. 

Photo's don't do any justice to what you are about to see below but here they are anyway because you need to see this. Know that I spent a little over four hours in the exhibition, it wasn't crowded, there was just SO much to see and there were moments of interactive media that needed time to be fully enjoyed. Some of those interactive moments were touch buttons you push on the wall (that a lot of people didn't even notice) that projects a little sketch on the wall or played a video. Two-way walls that have had floor to ceiling photos from the celebrities in a dress only to then disappear into clear glass revealing the actual dress behind the wall, and so much more.

However, my absolute favorite moment of the exhibition was the last room. A room filled with couture at every corner, wall, and center column. The room itself had projections and lighting that transitioned from day to night, to stary night, to sunrise. Only to repeat all over again. It was spectacular. 

The exhibition was only open from July 5th to January 5th. It was completely by luck and chance that the universe put me there in time to see it along with an amazing friend who got me VIP tickets.

Oh yeah, the line was all the way around the Louvre from both directions of the door. Don't worry, I didn't wait, the security guard had my name in his pocket and let me right in. Let's just say, I know what Kim Kardashian must feel like every day.

Paris Adventures

Paris, what is there to say other than, wow

This was my first time in France and I have to admit, I'd heard some things about Parisians that they are not the friendliest of people. However, I'm here to tell you that that's all BS. They were the nicest people ever and no matter where you looked everything was beautiful. The architecture, the floor details, the ceiling details, the food, and even the fruit stands were positioned in ways that look like an editorial spread, which just goes to show that beauty is very deeply rooted in French culture. Honestly, Paris is a creative mind's paradise. 

There were so many sights to see and things to do, time seemed to always pass by at rapid speed. That's not to say I rushed because I didn't, in fact, I took my sweet time everywhere I went which also turns out is a very French thing to do. Everywhere, sitting down to enjoy the moment was encouraged, and even if you were in a hurry your server would make sure you spent at least an hour everywhere... Things moved pretty slow, but I quickly learned to love it.

Paris is a place I liked to call, movie-like, and I know I'll be back. I mean, really it felt as if I'd been there before, which was a very surreal feeling. Next time, I'll be there in the spring or summer so I'm not bundled up in multiple jackets, see the stunning fountains while they're on, and of course just to get another experience.

Overall, it was amazing and if you are planning a trip soon here's a style tip. All black everything, with white Stan Smith Adidas, is the go-to look for literally everyone in Paris. 

& yes, I'm aware that's also my go-to look... & no, I didn't know before. :)

Halloween Baseball

Just like that Halloween is over. Tragic really, all that time spent getting ready.

And for what? 

Well for a hell of a look that's what!

This year was unlike most, somehow we managed to wrangle nine of us together to make a complete baseball team.

Yes, nine!

That's myself and eight other.

Which yes is aggressive, and yes it's a lot, and no I don't regret it!

Our team consisted of iconic movie vampire with the numbers on our shirts as the year the film was released. 

Our team name, The Vamps. Where do we play? Fangway Park!

Who was I? Well, I was Orlok #22, position; First Base. 

Of course, there were Halloween spooks at work too...

PINK Hair, Don't Care

For about a year now I've had white hair. Crazy, I know. It's like it has become a part of my look and honestly, I like it a lot better than my natural black. Which makes me look like one of the Craft girls. Now don't get me wrong, I'm always down for a little goth action. I'm simply in more of a Draco mood at the moment. 


So one Saturday I was showing my hair who's boss, aka bleaching and killing it, when suddenly it decided to fight back. Oh, don't worry my hair didn't fall out. I'm like basically a pro, but let's just say it was not white, or blonde. Yeah, it was cheetah. "Basically a pro." I was also out of time and needed to act fast, I had a party to attend. 

Life Tip: Never dye your hair before a party.


So what did I do next? I looked around and saw PINK LEAVE IN CONDITIONER

So I decided, eh why not live my best Troll life.

Am I right?!

Pink is a color I have always wanted to try so I wasn't totally pissed, but I was for sure super nervous. Turns out, I love it. Not as a permanent color, but as an "until it fades and I have time to re-dye it again" color. 

Well, that's my pink story. Maybe next time it will involve Victoria Secrets. No promises

pink hair guy

Big Bud Party

Color, Pop, Indie, Local. That's Big Bud in a nutshell. 

They make super cool pins, patches, and clothes. All a little bright for me, I'm not really a kawaii kid on the outside, just inside, but I still appreciate the design none the less. It's fun and honestly just makes you smile. So when Nicole asked me if I wanted to come to one of their parties at the new Big Bud space, I was like "What time?"

To top it all off, I got a cool gem pin in my swag bag.

In millennial pink.

I was dying.

It was like the pin chose me

Anyway, here are some photos...


L.A. Zoo Lights

The L.A. Zoo is a forgotten little part of Los Angeles, but every year during the holidays, much like the peppermint mocha laté, we're reminded that it exists. How? It becomes the L.A. Zoo of Lights, but does anyone really go? This year they did, so Danna and I decided to check it out for ourselves. 


Here were our low expectations: 

- Something to do
- Make good memories
- Derpy lights
- Be freezing
- No expectations really...

You could say we went into this knowing what we were getting ourselves into. Until we walked in and Danna ever so casually says, "I've never been to this zoo before." I light up like the Grinch after stealing Christmas. What a magical night we were about to have...

I'll say this, we ended up having a blast. We always do really, we're both very good at doing nothing and having the best time doing so, making the best and most memorable memories. All in all, the lights were better than we expected, not by much, there was a creepy rent a Santa you could get a lap ride from, a photo. Good music in the background, when you could hear it, and of corse the animals! By animals, I mean statutes of animals with lights on them.

Oh, it was a winter wonderland of twinkle lights and well-behaved statues.
Enchanting. Truely.


On the way home from the zoo we passed one of the neighbors, who always go all out, and saw that they had recreated the Grinch! 💚

I could describe it but why? When a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look for yourself. #decorationgoals