Paris Adventures

Paris, what is there to say other than, wow

This was my first time in France and I have to admit, I'd heard some things about Parisians that they are not the friendliest of people. However, I'm here to tell you that that's all BS. They were the nicest people ever and no matter where you looked everything was beautiful. The architecture, the floor details, the ceiling details, the food, and even the fruit stands were positioned in ways that look like an editorial spread, which just goes to show that beauty is very deeply rooted in French culture. Honestly, Paris is a creative mind's paradise. 

There were so many sights to see and things to do, time seemed to always pass by at rapid speed. That's not to say I rushed because I didn't, in fact, I took my sweet time everywhere I went which also turns out is a very French thing to do. Everywhere, sitting down to enjoy the moment was encouraged, and even if you were in a hurry your server would make sure you spent at least an hour everywhere... Things moved pretty slow, but I quickly learned to love it.

Paris is a place I liked to call, movie-like, and I know I'll be back. I mean, really it felt as if I'd been there before, which was a very surreal feeling. Next time, I'll be there in the spring or summer so I'm not bundled up in multiple jackets, see the stunning fountains while they're on, and of course just to get another experience.

Overall, it was amazing and if you are planning a trip soon here's a style tip. All black everything, with white Stan Smith Adidas, is the go-to look for literally everyone in Paris. 

& yes, I'm aware that's also my go-to look... & no, I didn't know before. :)

London Adventures

London calling! I finally made it to the UK, and it was beautiful.

The British have a great history and cold weather, but what they don't have are trash cans. No trash cans anywhere, but it's SO clean everywhere. It confused me, but I loved it. 

Also, the whole city made me feel like I was in Harry Potter. Me the whole trip, "Oh that's the bridge that the death eaters break... and that's the one where they-" Let's just say i had to take a lesson from Professor Snape.

Oh, and let's not forget the most memorable moment from London. Seeing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement shoot at Windsor Castle!

Halloween Baseball

Just like that Halloween is over. Tragic really, all that time spent getting ready.

And for what? 

Well for a hell of a look that's what!

This year was unlike most, somehow we managed to wrangle nine of us together to make a complete baseball team.

Yes, nine!

That's myself and eight other.

Which yes is aggressive, and yes it's a lot, and no I don't regret it!

Our team consisted of iconic movie vampire with the numbers on our shirts as the year the film was released. 

Our team name, The Vamps. Where do we play? Fangway Park!

Who was I? Well, I was Orlok #22, position; First Base. 

Of course, there were Halloween spooks at work too...