Weekend In The Snow

Friday 9pm, my phone rings, I pick up and it's my cousin Araksi. We'll call her Roxy since you probably can't pronounce Araksi. 

Hey, what are you up to?

Nothing. I'm bored out of my mind. What are you up to?

Nothing either. The family went to Big Bear a few days ago, I want to go but not alone.  Wanna come? We'd leave tomorrow and come back Sunday night.  

I'm down for an adventure.  


That's how it happened. This is what happened.

We got off to a rocky start Friday morning. We slept in until noon and realized we needed to put air in the tire before driving to Bear.

Wait, how do you do that?

YouTube will show us!

We went to a gas station and realized we didn't have coins so we went inside to get change. The guy was super chill and said, "No problem have some air for free, just be sure to turn it on." Easy right? Nope.

We fumbled around for what felt like an hour looking for an in switch, but couldn't find one if our life depended on it. We go back inside and ask where it is. By time we got outside the air was on. We didn't press a button, this guy clearly just wanted a show (or we're just special). So we gave him one. No not like that. Eventually all the tires were full and we were off, after getting Taco Bell first obviously.

In record time we reach the top of Big Bear, getting lost along the way, but that's what adventures all about right?! By record time I mean it's now 5:30pm, oops. There was so much snow everywhere and we were ready to take on the world, but it was already dark so we just walked around. Fridge.

Coming back into the lodge we decided "Sleep? Who needs it. Let's go to the bar." So we went to the bar and had tea like proper old people. Then it happened, the power died. Terrifying.

Finally, the power came back on and the staff acted as if nothing happened. We were shook. Time for bed.  

The next morning we went to the to the ski slopes where we enjoyed hot-coco got bored and decided to attempted hitchhiking to the local bar down the road, because there's only one Uber guy in Big Bear and he took the day off. Town life!  We couldn't figure it out so we found a bus stop. One problem, we have no idea who to bus. We stood on the wrong side of the road and almost got into the bus going the opposite direction of the bar. 

Eventually, parents saved the day, picked us up and took us to the bar. We hung out it the bar with bartender extraordinaire Nikki, aka our other cousin, and drank drank, DRANK! 

Cut to the end of the trip where we made it down the hill alive and home safe at 12:30am only to wake up for work in the morning. #worthit