Mad Hatter


Hats have probably always been a part of your life, but we're not talking about baseball caps. Hate them or love them, the trick is figuring out which hat will look best on you and help elevate your personal style. For me, I prefer a wide brim hat, in black, made of wool or felt. Specific I know, but that has proven to be the best look for my style. If you haven't yet figured out what your "hat style" is, don't worry, it takes trial, error, and a lot of time. Here are some looks that we believe are perfect hats that elevate these men's style. Hopefully, they will also provide you with some hat-spiration.

Wide Brim Hat Tip: A solid, non floppy, brim is always the way to go. Floppy brims work well for about two inches, but any longer then that and the hat becomes feminine very quickly.


Currently, wide brim hats are starting to trend, which is great because it makes finding the perfect hat even easier.


Do's & Don'ts: Do find a hat that fits your face and makes you feel comfortable. Don't let the hat wear you, and stay away from fedoras.