My Radiant Human Experience


I got my aura photographed, and it was incredible.

When I first heard about Radiant Human I was instantly intrigued. Not only was it a cool looking photo but it was right up my alley of weirdness. Who wouldn't want to know what their aura looks like? So I jumped right on the train without much hesitation. The artist is Christina Lonsdale who's based in Portland but tours to cities with her pop-up dome, silver plated sensors and Polaroid camera. Not to mention the nicest person ever.


Once we got to the location we checked in and waited. You go one by one into the dome where Christina will have you sit down and have you place your hands on silver plated boxes. The boxes charge your body with an electromagnetic current and the camera has a ten-second exposure. Sitting still for ten seconds is much harder than I thought it would be, on second eleven I burst out laughing. Awkward silence gets me every time. Overall it was a quick, painless and extremely unique experience.

After the photo, we waited for the film to develop and dry. Christina then talks to you about what each color means and what they actually are. As we found out, this isn't actually your aura at all, it's photographing your electromagnetic field. So cool. Even though she said she's not a psychic, reader, or anything like that, she's just an artist, what she told me was very spot on. But that's just for me.

If you want to read into my photo or any of the other photos and are wondering what the colors mean, I found this amazing breakdown on GOOP. Yeah, yeah, I know...

Radiant Human serves as a conduit for those seeking a new kind of self-exploration — a brief, metaphysical vision quest, compelling us toward a uniquely tangible kind of self-discovery.

Occupying the gray space between science and mysticism, Radiant Human immerses us in the quantifiable forces just outside of human perception — helping us to acknowledge the naked energies we all radiate into our world. Perceptions can pivot with the click of a shutter, illuminating our truest selves, and giving new light to what was there all along.
— Radiant Human

Of course, me being me, I took more photos because the pop-up shop location was adorable. Individual Medley.