BeautyCon LA

Who doesn't love beauty products? I know I do! I'm the go-to person for most of my friend groups for skincare advice. 

I wouldn't say I have a problem but... I probably do. 

So when it was time for BeautyCon, I was ALL IN! Luckily, I have some great friends who got me into the talent area where I scored significant amounts of swag. I'm not talking samples and random stickers no one wants, I'm talking full sized products! 

I'm not going to dive into everything I got, but I had enough to share with some friends. Overall BeautyCon was a great experience and a fantastic day, regardless of the free stuff. Oh, and I got these great photos out of it. Thank you to the random photographer. 

MY OOTD | T-Shirt: Comme Des Garcons Play | Jeans: Ksubi | Accessories: Etsy, and Jean Paul Gaultier

Big Bud Party

Color, Pop, Indie, Local. That's Big Bud in a nutshell. 

They make super cool pins, patches, and clothes. All a little bright for me, I'm not really a kawaii kid on the outside, just inside, but I still appreciate the design none the less. It's fun and honestly just makes you smile. So when Nicole asked me if I wanted to come to one of their parties at the new Big Bud space, I was like "What time?"

To top it all off, I got a cool gem pin in my swag bag.

In millennial pink.

I was dying.

It was like the pin chose me

Anyway, here are some photos...