Spring In UR Starbucks Cup

Spring is here, and it's over. Well, it is for the Starbucks colorful cups anyway. When these were announced I first thought to myself, "Why does Starbucks always love to piss off its fans?" Then I took a step back and couldn't wait to get my hand on them.

I'm a coffee fan so I know Starbucks is the fast food of coffee, I understand that, but like Mc Donalds, it's always around and it's always consistent. I can't help that it's just so easy to be a double tailed siren... 

All in all, I only ended up with two of these spring cups. I'm like the Charlie Bucket of Starbucks spring cups. 

Apparently they were designed to illustrate on, a pretty cool idea and marketing ploy. So why not feed the machine? I stand by my cups. Can you tell what one of them was inspired by

star bucks blue spring cup
starbucks yellow spring cup