Coachella... Kind of.

The one music festival that rules them all, Coachella. So iconic that everyone knows about it. Even the most basic bitches are in on the hype. 

However, for those select few, such as myself, who don't care about the lineup, dirt, hype, or people as a whole, there are other things to do during the festival. Like going to parties and just chilling. Which is exactly what I did. All you have to be willing to do is put up with the constant:

Random: "Are you going to Coachella?"
Me: "No."
Random: "But you know you'd love to go to the festival..."
Me: "No, I'm good."

Which isn't so bad unless they ask you why and don't understand your answer:

Me: "I've been there, done that. I'm over it and the line up is lame."
Random: "But, Beyoncé!"
Me: "Yes?"
Random: "She's queen bee!"
Me: "Not for me."
Random: (gasps) "Okay. But Coachella? It's the best three days ever!"
Me: (looking at my now empty drink) "Nice meeting you. I'm going to get another drink. Bye."

Anyway, would I go back to Coachella and relive my youth? Yes, but only if I liked (and haven't already seen) at least 40% of the lineup. Which this year, was not the case. So until next year, ttyl Coachella.