Seven Magic Mountains

When people think of Vegas they think of gambling, shows, strippers. I think of Seven Magic Mountains!

The whole trip this was all I could think of. Only 30 minutes outside the strip, I still don't understand what that means because ethe strip is huge, it was a MUST SEE. On the way to Vegas I knew this was coming up but we passed it so we made a deal and we would go on the way back. And we did. What we/I didn't know is that I would be twinning with one of the formations. 

Do not adjust your screen. You are seeing me with pink hair, black outfit and white shoes standing in front of a rock formation in that same color scheme. so, I can call myself living art now right? I'm basically an installation. 

Anyway, these rocks were stunning and if you get a chance to venture over to Seven Magic Mountains you should. It's not something to miss and one ting every art lover will enjoy. Now that I sound like a #ad, I'll let you simply enjoy the photographic evidence


OMG Armen, you got more tattoos? No, they are henna. Calm down.