The Lost Boys : Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

It's summer, and that means movies in the cemetery, and not just any graveyard, the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. Cinespia to be exact, and one of my favorite activities. Especially when it's a Vampire movie! Tonight's feature? 80's classic, The Lost Boys.

The best part about Cinespia isn't just the experience, it's really all about the photobooth. Given that it was Shaun's first time, Leah and I had one request. Wear a black or white t-shirt and a leather jacket. Mission accomplished for the perfect first Cinespia photo that didn't suck. So proud

What was that? A little vampire humor? Well, it wasn't funny!

Aside from the photobooth photo we also got spotted by the amazing Cinespia photographer, Kelly Lee Barrett or @cutiesatcinespia on Instagram who took that sick photo of us without our jackets on. Super clean white tee, almost James Dean look. For the food, we brought Rosé, sparkling Rosé and of course In-N-Out!

Cheers to a successful night at the movies... in the cemetery amongst the dead

MY #OOTD | Sunglasses: ACNE Studios | T-Shirt: Calvin Klein | Jeans: Ksubi | Shoes: Rick Owens | Jacket: Top Man

BeautyCon LA

Who doesn't love beauty products? I know I do! I'm the go-to person for most of my friend groups for skincare advice. 

I wouldn't say I have a problem but... I probably do. 

So when it was time for BeautyCon, I was ALL IN! Luckily, I have some great friends who got me into the talent area where I scored significant amounts of swag. I'm not talking samples and random stickers no one wants, I'm talking full sized products! 

I'm not going to dive into everything I got, but I had enough to share with some friends. Overall BeautyCon was a great experience and a fantastic day, regardless of the free stuff. Oh, and I got these great photos out of it. Thank you to the random photographer. 

MY OOTD | T-Shirt: Comme Des Garcons Play | Jeans: Ksubi | Accessories: Etsy, and Jean Paul Gaultier