Spring In UR Starbucks Cup

Spring is here, and it's over. Well, it is for the Starbucks colorful cups anyway. When these were announced I first thought to myself, "Why does Starbucks always love to piss off its fans?" Then I took a step back and couldn't wait to get my hand on them.

I'm a coffee fan so I know Starbucks is the fast food of coffee, I understand that, but like Mc Donalds, it's always around and it's always consistent. I can't help that it's just so easy to be a double tailed siren... 

All in all, I only ended up with two of these spring cups. I'm like the Charlie Bucket of Starbucks spring cups. 

Apparently they were designed to illustrate on, a pretty cool idea and marketing ploy. So why not feed the machine? I stand by my cups. Can you tell what one of them was inspired by

star bucks blue spring cup
starbucks yellow spring cup

Seven Magic Mountains

When people think of Vegas they think of gambling, shows, strippers. I think of Seven Magic Mountains!

The whole trip this was all I could think of. Only 30 minutes outside the strip, I still don't understand what that means because ethe strip is huge, it was a MUST SEE. On the way to Vegas I knew this was coming up but we passed it so we made a deal and we would go on the way back. And we did. What we/I didn't know is that I would be twinning with one of the formations. 

Do not adjust your screen. You are seeing me with pink hair, black outfit and white shoes standing in front of a rock formation in that same color scheme. so, I can call myself living art now right? I'm basically an installation. 

Anyway, these rocks were stunning and if you get a chance to venture over to Seven Magic Mountains you should. It's not something to miss and one ting every art lover will enjoy. Now that I sound like a #ad, I'll let you simply enjoy the photographic evidence


OMG Armen, you got more tattoos? No, they are henna. Calm down.