BeautyCon LA

Who doesn't love beauty products? I know I do! I'm the go-to person for most of my friend groups for skincare advice. 

I wouldn't say I have a problem but... I probably do. 

So when it was time for BeautyCon, I was ALL IN! Luckily, I have some great friends who got me into the talent area where I scored significant amounts of swag. I'm not talking samples and random stickers no one wants, I'm talking full sized products! 

I'm not going to dive into everything I got, but I had enough to share with some friends. Overall BeautyCon was a great experience and a fantastic day, regardless of the free stuff. Oh, and I got these great photos out of it. Thank you to the random photographer. 

MY OOTD | T-Shirt: Comme Des Garcons Play | Jeans: Ksubi | Accessories: Etsy, and Jean Paul Gaultier

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day is this Sunday. Ah! How did that happen so fast?

If you’re like me you haven’t gotten any gift(s) for mom yet, because life is just like soooo busy…

But don’t worry it’s not too late.

When it comes to the perfect gift, let’s be real, what mom really wants is a nice “me time” kind of day. So why not bring the spa to her.

The Glossier Mask Duo is a great set for Mother's Day. The set comes with both the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and Moisturizing Moon Mask, I use both of them all the time, and mom will too. Paired with some flowers and breakfast in bed, she’s sure to relax and unwind. As an added bonus, you could even go see a movie with the family and let mom be home alone to really enjoy peace and quiet for a few hours. Trust me, these masks are so relaxing and leave your skin feeling so fresh.


Don’t live with mom? No problem! Glossier also work great as a deliverable Mother's Day gift and comes in perfectly pastel pink packaging.

PS : Shop my favorite products HERE, plus get 20% off your first order and free shipping on any order over $30.

Hope you and mom have a great Mother's Day. 
- Armen

PINK Hair, Don't Care

For about a year now I've had white hair. Crazy, I know. It's like it has become a part of my look and honestly, I like it a lot better than my natural black. Which makes me look like one of the Craft girls. Now don't get me wrong, I'm always down for a little goth action. I'm simply in more of a Draco mood at the moment. 


So one Saturday I was showing my hair who's boss, aka bleaching and killing it, when suddenly it decided to fight back. Oh, don't worry my hair didn't fall out. I'm like basically a pro, but let's just say it was not white, or blonde. Yeah, it was cheetah. "Basically a pro." I was also out of time and needed to act fast, I had a party to attend. 

Life Tip: Never dye your hair before a party.


So what did I do next? I looked around and saw PINK LEAVE IN CONDITIONER

So I decided, eh why not live my best Troll life.

Am I right?!

Pink is a color I have always wanted to try so I wasn't totally pissed, but I was for sure super nervous. Turns out, I love it. Not as a permanent color, but as an "until it fades and I have time to re-dye it again" color. 

Well, that's my pink story. Maybe next time it will involve Victoria Secrets. No promises

pink hair guy