L.A. Zoo Lights

The L.A. Zoo is a forgotten little part of Los Angeles, but every year during the holidays, much like the peppermint mocha laté, we're reminded that it exists. How? It becomes the L.A. Zoo of Lights, but does anyone really go? This year they did, so Danna and I decided to check it out for ourselves. 


Here were our low expectations: 

- Something to do
- Make good memories
- Derpy lights
- Be freezing
- No expectations really...

You could say we went into this knowing what we were getting ourselves into. Until we walked in and Danna ever so casually says, "I've never been to this zoo before." I light up like the Grinch after stealing Christmas. What a magical night we were about to have...

I'll say this, we ended up having a blast. We always do really, we're both very good at doing nothing and having the best time doing so, making the best and most memorable memories. All in all, the lights were better than we expected, not by much, there was a creepy rent a Santa you could get a lap ride from, a photo. Good music in the background, when you could hear it, and of corse the animals! By animals, I mean statutes of animals with lights on them.

Oh, it was a winter wonderland of twinkle lights and well-behaved statues.
Enchanting. Truely.


On the way home from the zoo we passed one of the neighbors, who always go all out, and saw that they had recreated the Grinch! 💚

I could describe it but why? When a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look for yourself. #decorationgoals