A Day At Elvis' Honeymoon Hideaway

When you get a text that says, "Can you come to Palm Springs this weekend?" You don't expect to find yourself on a random adventure at Elvis Presley's house. Yet, there I was standing outside the famous Honeymoon Hideaway.


Honestly, I forgot he had a house in Palm Springs until it dawned on me. "Now I remember, Jeremy Scott has a Coachella party here" My life is truly coming full circle. Except this time instead of teddy bear sneakers and EDM music I was greeted by some adorable elderly people who knew everything about Elvis. I looked around and marveled at the stunning mid century home when I suddenly realized this was more than just a tour. 

Soon after signing in myself and about twenty other people, all older, we started walking around the home in one big group. The tour guide was an Elvis expert, he literally knew everything, and his wife was a mid century design expert. Between the two of them we were being told crazy amounts of information. Now I'm all in when it come to mid century design. I find it clean, simple, and warm. Elvis on the other hand... Not so much, but I was ready for the experience. The tour lasted about an hour and we left for drinks at a bar down the road. The provided soda and cookie just wasn't enough for us, but maybe in sixty years. Drink down a margarita and get back to the house, what time is it? No not Adventure Time, but time for the Elvis impersonator to play his set. Jokes aside he was actually very impressive, that or the margarita was really starting to set in. He went on for an hour or so but the true enjoyment was watching all the old people sing and play along. They loved it! Made me think, "Is this what we look like when we see Britney in Vegas?"


I also had this amazing acai bowl that I just had to show you. I foget what this palce is called but it's right next to the amzing thrift store, Revivals.