True Blood Season 5 First Look & Official Trailer

Get Your Fangs Ready! HBO's True Blood is back for an all new season June 10th and we here at Artificial Vanity can't wait to sink out fangs into it! The official trailer brings in new characters, a new authority, and a whole new mess of drama!

[youtube=] This season looks like it's going to be packed full of adventures for the Bon Temps natives, as well as the ever distressed Sookie Stackhouse! I am so excited to see the Fellowship of the Sun back in action, because I miss those crazy kids. Unfortunately, it looks like the uber annoying Tara is still alive and kicking. Wamp Wamp...

Check out these first look photos of True Blood season 5! Also, If you've been living under a rock and still haven't seen an episode of True Blood, do yourself a favor and watch True Blood seasons 1-4 online at HBO GO®.

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